The Thirst

Песня: Жажда

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

I wake up and I'm afraid
To open my eyes
I ask, "who's there? who's there?"
The answer, incoherent
All clocks are running sideways
It's a new time.

Trumpets, here come the trumpets
Who calls us?
I moved to a new house
But still there's no place for me there.

I say "no" but it's just reflex
Looks like it's too late, too late.
You can ask yourself
"Where is my beautiful house?"
You can quote David Byrne and Brian Eno,
But every communal apartment
Has its own circus
And the sound of boots in empty corridors.

You led them further and further
But the further into the woods
The easier it is to shout
You return home with
A heart full of love
We break it together.

Each last time together.

Our hands are used to plastic
Our hands afraid to hold silver
But who says we can't be cleansed
Who says we can't be cleansed
I close my eyes and I pray to water
Water cleanse us again
One more time.

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