The Tram

Песня: Трамвай

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

The night was coming, the rails were carrying their load.
The tram was not full,
Actually, it was empty.
But for two or three carpenters known to none,
The judge who had left his office,
And a gentleman in a coat.
The judge said:" It's late already,
It's time for all of us to go home.
But Buddha in the heart, devil in the rib,
It's a shame to be silent now.
The dock is always overcrowded,
We are equal at least in this.
But if each of us admits himself guilty,
There'll be no guilt enough for all.
The carpenter put the glasses on the floor and said:
"Yes, it's all done away with.
Many people here think life is a joke,
But this is not our fate.
I personally am ready to answer for all,
And I've got something to answer for.
But I sing when I am building my town,
And I cannot keep silent.
The judge took the money out of his pocket
And threw it out of the window.
He said:" I know it's unnecessary,
But still, where is wine here?
It's hardly possible we'll ever meet here again,
Under this blue mantle.
So I apologize for what I have done
And I want to be forgiven."
When the ticket inspector entered,
The speed had exceeded 100.
He did not even care to check the tickets,
He just asked to take off the coats.
It was dark in the tram,
The night was coming to the end,
And the tram was already going where there were no rails,
Getting straight to the ring.

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