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The Young Lions

Молодые львы

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

When it gets dark in our town,
When the wind blows off our Rhine,
Catherine the Great looks outside,
Outside are roaming the young lions.

They don't know what winter is.
They're dancing, they're free of our wars.
They got nothing going on right now.
They'll come in when Catherine opens the doors.

What do the young lions need?
What do the young lions need?
When the whole world's bowing down to them on its knees.
And they got nothing going on.

But you know I ain't gonna tell 'em a word.
I don't need to take on this fight.
Anyway all we have done will stay clean,
Anyway for all that was mine, someone will claim the rights.

Here's the taste of our victory.
Here's the harvest of what we've grown.
Catherine the Great looks outside,
Outside, outside they continue to roam.

The young lions!
The young lions!

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