Theme For A New War

Песня: Тема для новой войны

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Hi there, my own Death
We're speaking the same language and this makes me glad
Often I needed someone who would not care who I am at this given time
Who would know who I am and would open the doors leading home
Do teach me all the things that I might get to say
Do teach me, resembling a knife words don't care
And he's twice as helpless—the one who is longing for love
And not knowing you moves as if he were in the dark
And love will from each one receive remarks
And each one is seeing beautiful dreams
And each one is sure that he truly is the source of the flame
And for a new war this serves as a theme

Hey there, Death, I'm thankful for fact you exist
Solemn city of mine has not yet awoke from its sleep
While we are still here and there is still time to make movements of love
We need to leave clean path leading to water's source
And someone waits for us on the other shore
And someone will straight in my eyes take a peek
But I heard a song that was saying, "Do what you must and let be what will
It seems to me that this approach to the question works well
But each one of us is seriously selling himself
To buy himself a reprieve to prolong his own spring
And each one has doubts that he's right down deep in his soul
And for a new war this serves as a theme

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