Through the Looking Glass

Песня: С той стороны зеркального стекла

Перевод: Захар Василюк

The last rainfall has almost stopped to fall
So easy is to find in it some rest
And if I'm to believe another day will come along
So easy in that case

Oh how I wish this night would never end
It seems to me my home's no longer home
They play their life with ease as if it were some kind of game
Past window on the wall

It seems to me I recognize myself
In that young boy engulfed in reading poems
He squeezes arrows of the clock to make sure this night never ends
And blood from his hand flows

But as it seems to me it's just a game
On other side, beyond the mirrorpane
And here it's dawn but we did not lose a thing and today
Is just the same old day as yesterday

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