To Move Farther

Песня: Двигаться дальше

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

To move farther, to move farther, it's so frightening-to move farther.
Have built a house- the house gets too small,
Wet snow in the street.
The wind and the moon,
Apricot flowers-what pungent sweetness,
The wind and the moon-the same all the time-
It feels like making a step.
Born in the grass, killed with the sword-we think it's important.
And somebody's laughing, looking from that side-yes, it's the master of illusions.
Simple words, their strange ties-
What a steady method.
And I'm writing songs-the same all the time-
It feels like making a step.
Sometimes it is strange,
Sometimes it is more than me.
I hardly can say how it is making me, asking me
To move farther, to move farther-it's so frightening.
But I still remember this place when it was not crowded.
I leave these flowers for those who will come later.
God give you peace till you feel like making a step.

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