To Those Who are in Love

Песня: Для тех, кто влюблен

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

Don't stay so close to me. The air around is too thin.
We will remember this year by the names of the perished.
My friends are talking to me, but, you know, it's strange, I don't hear a word.
And I'm standing again on this threshold not knowing how to resume moving.

And maybe I will make a step. One more little step to this abyss.
And when the train starts to move we will share the look for the first time.
Or maybe I'll be sitting here, like that, watching the leaves falling down
And slowly thinking of what do those people who do what do those who're in love.

Remember, we once had a method, you must remember how all this got ended.
So it's under control now and you can feel safe and sure
But love is a very strange thing and nobody knows what will happen
Besides, as conscenting adults we risk for free very seldom

And in essence, what are we good for? Only for telling stories,
And trusting electricity forgetting that we are still worthy of something.
Or maybe just late in the night, when nobody is going to hear
Watching this fading star in the sky to pray for what's done by those who are in love.

So what happened to the naughty children? Children who listened to no one.
They are gone for good and will hardly ever return home
And we'll strike their phones off the list. And we'll make the walls stronger.
And we will be silent and silence will play on us some weird games

And maybe the day will be clear. And maybe the night will be queer
In sense, that something has changed, although, nothing really has happened.
And alone if it is so important, since this star never fades away
I'll forget everything that I owed and I'll do what do those people who are in love

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