Песня: Сегодня ночью

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

Take your flute
I've already packed mine
Instrument of unknown
Quantity of strings
I won't return home tonight

No use to phone
We'll catch the taxi downstairs
I hope you'll wake me when we get there

One more evening, one more stone
Look at the ripples
We won't be forgotten until Wednesday evening
I won't notice again
When they'll tell me --- run

But tonight, someone is waiting for us

One more city
from house to house
To someone's friend's apartment
Probably when I get home
it will be a museum

Come on, flute player!
To wait on the doorstep for 13 years
And if only for two days --
Two days where the sun shines
And where no one will find us

But tonight someone is waiting for us

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