Песня: Дерево

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

You are a tree, and you belong in the field.
But when its dark for me here I just go to this place
You are a tree, for everybody to see
But if I look at you for long enough
You will hear my glance.

You are a tree. Your trunk is lucid and clear
But when I touch with my hand
You start hearing me
You are a tree. And I'm like an aspen leaf
But you're a child of water and earth and I am
A son of flame.

I'm gonna wait for you.
Wherever you tell me to
Wherever you tell me to
While this blood is in my veins
And the wind is in your boughs
I'm gonna wait for you, wait for you

You are a tree, your leaves are up in the sky
But look - one leaf has just flown by the face
You are a tree, and we are both in good hands
We're gonna wait until this time is over
And meet again after the end.

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