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Waiting for the Apple Days

Песня: Яблочные дни

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

They were talking all night long-I was talking like all.
But to tell the truth I don't remember what it was all about.
I was concerned with one thing-how close you are to me.
I could tell you something that you knew in your dream.
I invite you to work together with me, waiting for the apple days to come.
I could buy you a house on this side of the day,
But to go through the glass one must control himself.
And this is one of the qualities I do not have.
Here's somebody playing, and I've got to sing, stronger with every day.
My feeling is that this is a method of love as well,
And I am waiting for the apple days to come.
This science has got no books, and who writes books in spring?
And if one looks at sunshine with his eyes closed,
Some of those who works together with me can be seen.
And the trees growing downwards grow out of the ancient roots.
You'll ask me what for the captains are standing on the towers-
They are waiting for the apple days to come.

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