Watchman Sergeyev

Песня: Сторож Сергеев

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

Green lamp on the table with dirt and dust.
Rules on the wall above.
Watchman Sergeyev thinks of his past
Looking into the glass

But friends are interrupting his thoughts
Coming in from the dark
And quickly pour a liter of wine
Right into Sergeyev's mouth

His friends showed up here for a cause
Coming from miles away
They do desire to watch him work
Right on his working place.

And watchman Sergeyev forgets his work
Catching the moment of bliss
And pulls up chairs for his old friends
Since they've got no place to drink

And he keeps talking to them 'til dawn
Forgetting to check his yard
He drinks not even looking at doors
Where a burglar could have come out

The night is over. New day has come.
Just as it's supposed to
And watchmen Sergeyev fell on the floor
Having drunk all the booze.

Green lamp on the table is barely lit.
The partner came hours ago
And watchmen Sergeyev can barely stand
Blue in the face from hangover

And, trembling, he goes out the door
Not knowing yet where to go
He wants a beer, and a good nap
A modest working class hero

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