Why The Sky Doesn't Fall

Песня: Почему не падает небо

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

He heard all her names. He patiently waited for echo
He threw in the flames all that he would not regret
He just looked at the trace of her, longed for her taste of her
Went far away in the light of the star of her
Show turned to steel right in his bare hands

And he stopped at the springs to drink a potion of silence
To wash it all and one more time to stay alive
Looking for voice of her, hiding in shade of her
Travelling years in the long way of her
Water turned into smoke right in his palms

And when his day quit silently and without reason
And horses stayed light for the first time in the end
Then candle flames of her, rings of the keys of her
White as the night, marble of skin of her
Silently fell into the stone of his hand

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