Why The Sky Doesn't Fall

Песня: Почему не падает небо

Перевод: Захар Василюк

He had heard her name, he was waiting for encore
He threw in the flames all things that weren"t his thrill
He was gazing upon her trace
Longing her water"s taste
Walked very far
In the gleam of her star
Snow in his fingers would turn to steel

By the river he stood to taste its water of silence
Wash himself of all and still to be able to walk
To be able to find her voice
Enter the dusk of hers
To become road mate
With whom she walks her long way
Water in his fingers would turn to smoke

And when that day of his silently ended and strangely
When his stallions could for the first time freely roam
At that time her key-chain
Of her wax-candle flame
Of her shoulders slight
Marble, tender as night
Silently lay down into his hand"s stone

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