Песня: Иван-чай

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

As long as rose-bay blooms full,
As long as rose-bay blooms full,
I won't need any more books other than you
I won't need, I won't need...

Just take a snow-white canvas,
Touch it with yellow and green strokes,
And dark, blinding blue strokes,
Fashion some trees and they will tell you:
That everything I wanted turns into wind,
The wind kisses the trees,
And I am saying thank you, for all this beauty.

It's a perfected method,
It's sad we don't have enough patience,
But it's a perfected method,
Sooner or later we'll be together again.

What was once our pain, will turn into wind,
The flames will burn my heart,
And I'll repeat thank you, for all this beauty,
I am repeating thank you for all this beauty.

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