X-mas Song

Песня: Рождественская песня

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

Your planes-they will never take up,
Your horizons are clear, your shores do not know what a surf is.
There are lots of people in the street, but you were not told what it is,
You are throwing gold to them-you were not told it's copper.
Of those who were here at first, only three are remaining with you,
But Queen, who will let them sing?
Your eyes, none remembers their color,
Only nightingales are singing in cages of a nature unknown to scientists.
All the doors are locked from gloaming till dawn,
Only the fishers are not afraid to follow you with their eyes.
You were deceived-they are not allowed to look at the water,
But Queen, who will put down their light?
And in the harbor are the sails of colored stones,
And the sailors in monks' cassocks are drinking to the master's health,
But at midnight go to their cells, their weigh anchor early,
They are to sail round the world-to where at midday it's darker than at night,
Their ship has been taken to pieces by the guards,
But they will sail away, Queen, you know, there are things stronger than that.
And at night the time goes backwards,
And the day coming tomorrow passed two thousand years ago.
But the white horseman is laughing, he is not worried by anything,
And the white ship with swan wings has already set sails.
Guards of Spring are becoming stricter with every year.
But Queen, your glance will be the sign.
Queen, did you hear the ice moving?
But when rivers rise, it is not even worth an answer,
The palms are full of amber, it will be shining till dawn.
And the song of apple tree branches-it is not sung by anyone.
But it won't be long, and our star has never changed its color.
And Queen, hush, you hear , the snow is falling?
Yes, Queen, it is the New Year coming.

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